About Spas Sky

A new club house Spas Sky in 35 Spasskaya Street, in Podol district, in Kiev City.

A prestigious club house SPAS SKY in Podol district of the capital.

SPAS SKY is  a new project from the Ukrainian State Building Corporation “UKRBUD”, the developer of the project is Ltd “UKRBUD DEVELOPMENT” 

Spasskaya is a beginning of your exciting story! 

Spasskaya Street is one of the most ancient streets in Podol.
It got its name from the ancient Saviour Church. Strolling along the street you can still feel  the unique aura of old Kiev and centuries-old history due to legends and numerous architectural monuments. 

Club House Spas Sky is for people who have taste! 

Podol is a centre of cultural and historical heritage of Kiev. 

There are exhibition centres, theatres, churches , art galleries and a number of museums near Spas Sky. 

Within a 5-minute walking distance you will get to a picturesque Dnieper embankment, 15- minute – to Andreyevskiy Spusk.

Each apartment in SPAS SKY housing estate is equipped with CLAP smart home system. With the help of the CLAP system, you control access to housing, monitor the temperature level, set up heating modes and pay bills online. The system allows you to save up to 40% of funds on utility bills monthly.

Spas Sky has only 9 floors and 76 apartments, with an area from 52 to 227 sq.m. The complex has apartments to all liking from 1- to 4- room, and also duplex. Comfortable layouts allow to implement the bold design decisions to create your unique personal space.