Terms of purchase in Spas Sky

You can buy the apartment in Spas Sky complex, choosing the most suitable option.

To obtain the apartment in the club house Spas Sky you are invited to our sales department, where each customer can ask the manager questions, view the layouts of the apartments and choose the apartment he likes more.

Option 1
100% payment

We have made the process of buying the apartment in “UKRBUD” corporation extremely simple and clear:

  1. To fix the apartment that you chose, you conclude the Agreement with Fund Manager (Ltd “FC  Housing Capital”) on participation in house Building financing fund. 
    • Within 3 days from signing the agreement, you pay the full cost of the apartment;
    • You get the Certificate about Participation in Building financing fund. 
  2. You conclude with Fund Manager the agreement on concessions of property rights to an apartment in your favor.
  3. After introducing the house into expoitation and getting the final calculations according to BTI, the certificate is exchanged into a certificate to confirm your right to get a fixed apartment in the property.
  4. You sign the certificate of reception-transfer of an apartment for further registration of title documents.
  5. After getting the certificate of the right to the property athorized by related city services, we (Developer) give you title documents for the apartment. 

Option 2

To make accommodation more affordable, “UKRBUD” corporation gives the opportunity to get interest-free installment till the end of construction. 

  • It is given for the whole term till the end of construction.
  • Minimum down payment is 25 %
  • The remaining payments are divided into equal parts and paid back monthly.
  • The installment is made in the national currency. 

Option 3 

Within the framework of cooperation with financing institutions, we have a working program on target retail lending “Lodging on Credit” to obtain the real estate in primary market. Everyone can choose a financing institution and his option of lending.